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Who we are

St. Joseph’s PU College, Vijayapur, was the dream of our beloved Founder, Late Shri. John Bosco. St. Joseph’s Education Society, Vijayapur, established this college in the year 2017 at Rambhapur, Vijayapur, with the aim of providing quality education to the young prodigies of the nation. Within a short span of time, our college has grown into a colossal, holistic, academic legacy! Thanks to the tireless, innovative, forever-ready-to adapt, and introspect perspective of teaching methodologies and strategies adopted by the teaching fraternity. Ably supported and conceptually-fortified by the Management, St Joseph’s PU College has become an esteemed Social Institution.The college has Science and Commerce streams, with integrated coaching for NEET, JEE, CET, CPT, and other competitive exams. At present has 380 students and 30 faculty, The college boasts of excellent infrastructure state of the art equipment. The college is affiliated to the Department of Pre-University Board, Karnataka.  Emphasis is given to all round development of students through a number of curricular and co-curricular activities. Public reach-out programs and cultural programmes periodically helps the students into budding social leaders.

 This institution has academic excellence and achievements, especially in the  II Pre-University public examinations and in competitive entrance examinations. 

The St. Joseph’s - Panorama!

  • Located in Rambhapur, on Bangalore Solapur Bypass Road, it is easily accessed by road making commutation easy and affordable.
  • It boasts of state of the art Infrastructure with spacious classrooms and Laboratories.
  • Democratizing-force that it is, it follows strict rules of discipline that make it egalitarian and non-partisan. Pan-community students study, pray, play, and laugh easily 'under one roof'! 
  • Discipline-credo of the institution insists that all students wear a uniform and their ID cards; that they attend classes regularly and if they fail to meet the board-specified, mandatory 75% attendance, they shall not be allowed to appear for their Final Examinations; those students should not carry mobile phones nor indulge in ragging or bullying. 
  • SMS-Savvy quickly, promptly and effectively ensures smooth communication between parent/guardians and the college via bulk-SMS which updates students' performance in examinations and tests. Attendance shortage data is also conveyed to the parent/guardian every month.
  • Parent-Teacher interface is a crucial link between the students' performance; teachers' concern and the parents' expectations. Two such PTM s (Parent-Teacher Meetings) are organized in an academic year, after a series of tests and examinations, which invariably make the students conscientious and the parents watchful and equal partners in a student's welfare.

   About St Joseph’s Education Society

    St. Joseph’s Education Society  is built upon a rich heritage. It was established by Late Shri John Bosco, an accomplished and eminent educationist. St. Joseph’s Group of Institutions , now grown into an evergreen, sturdy tree, germinated  way back in the year 1994  to impart Quality Education to the students of Vijayapura. Over the past 25 years, the society has grown beyond leaps and bounds. Its institutions now stand tall in spacious and well – equipped buildings schooling 3000 students coming from all strata of the society. St. Joseph’s education society incorporates 3 institutions under its aegis.

1. St. Joseph’s English Medium Pre-primary, Primary and High School (Vajrahanuman Nagar, Vijayapur ) – Estd. 1994.
2. St.Paul’s English Medium School (Chalukya Nagar)- Est. 2003.
3. St.Joseph’s Composite PU College ( Rambhapu, Vijayapur) – Estd. 2017.
The Society’s institutions are distinguished by their academic excellence and faculty known for its dedication to teaching. Holistic education has always been our watchword.
Fortified by vigorous leadership, prudent planning and new ideas, the Society is working progressively towards ensuring that its students are raised to adapt to the dynamics of the future , whilst paving their way towards excellence.It has become the benchmark for conscientious education with a competitive-edge! The Institution grew its roots even deeper by celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee Celebration  in 2019. 

From the Treasurer’s desk

"We at St. Joseph’s are extremely proud of the journey we have made in the past 26 years, to be among one of the best institutes and pushing to be even better. Also we take immense pride in the achievements of our students, because their ambitions are what that drive our institutes to be the success that they are today.

We provide our students with the knowledge and experiences that equip them for their future roles as leaders. Our institutions are evolving and changing rapidly in many ways. But this is important. We stay true to our Founder’s ideals of imparting quality education to young boys and girls.

I hope that we continue to endure the dreams of our Founder, Late Shri. John Bosco, through St. Joseph’s PU College."

M/s Susan Bosco
The Treasurer,
St. Joseph’s Education Society,

From the General Secretary’s desk

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all.”, this quote by the Greek philosopher Aristotle emphasises the fact that, education must not be restricted to the accumulation of knowledge at the intellectual level, but also lead to a complete humane person.

St. Joseph’s institutions prepares students for life by providing opportunities for holistic development. At St. Joseph’s PU College, Vijayapur, we ensure that our students, not only strive to achieve academic excellence but also imbibe in the right values that transform them into leaders of tomorrow – for the service of others in the society.

The success of St. Joseph’s, I feel, is allowing our students to dream bigger, to change their lives, by showing a new path which they have never travelled. They may fall at times but our faculty hold their hand gently and show them a bright light at the other end of the road of their life and make them dream again. We believe in empowering youth through excellence in education, to shape a better future for mankind."

M/s Annlisa Bosco
General Secretary,
St. Joseph’s Education Society,

From the Principal’s desk

"St. Joseph’s College, in its infant year, has achieved a not so mere feat of 100% result of its very first batch, followed by First Rank in the Vijayapur district in its very second year of inception . The ever-zealous staff, dedicating themselves towards a single goal of bringing out the divine perfection of each individual student, strives to do justice to their profession and to the dreams and aspirations of the students. The college also stands proud of its amicable staff and congenial atmosphere, which assists students to realise their goals. In this era, where most of the colleges are aiming at producing ‘scoring machines’, St. Joseph’s PU College is more than happy to mould complete responsible citizens out of students."

Mr. Shaju Joseph,
The Principal,
St. Joseph’s PU College,